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Announcing our August Mega-Event: The Capitoline Wolf

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Greetings, Captains!

A few months ago you chose the theme of the Players’ Choice Mega-Event that took place in June. Voyager won, but Enterprise came in second by a narrow margin. For this reason we’ve decided to have an Enterprise themed Mega-Event for August!

A startling discovery is made in the Neutral Zone: evidence of an ancient Romulan-Human civilization, originating on Earth! Explore this rapidly unfolding alternate history in which much of humanity’s accomplishments have been erased, but also much of their mistakes, thanks to Romulan influence. But when the Tal Shiar move to take advantage of this past to secure their future, will you restore the original history of Earth, with all its error and bloodshed? Or will you give the Romulans a permanent place in the story of humanity?

The Capitoline Wolf Mega-Event will consist of four weekly events during which you will encounter various crew seen on Star Trek:Enterprise, characters such as Erika Hernandez, Alicia Travers, Jhamel, and even Phlox in an EV Suit.

For this arc the recurring threshold reward will be the mysterious (??) Humanoid Figure ..

As for event bonus, crew from Star Trek:Enterprise (as listed below) will provide some for all four events!

The schedule of events will be:

- August 13: Skirmish Event - Cultural Property
- August 20: Faction Event - Plateau of Tomorrow
- August 27: Galaxy Event - Whistles and Canaries
- September 3 : Hybrid Event Galaxy/Skirmish - Restoration

We hope that you’ll enjoy The Capitoline Wolf Mega-Event, and we are looking forward to your participation.

Thank you for playing!


Current Enterprise crew

Humbled Archer
Away Team Archer
North Star Archer
Desert Archer
Ushaan Archer
EV Suit Archer
C.O.P. Founder Archer
C.O.P. Founder Picard
Imprinted Archer
Mirror Archer
Xindi 'Prisoner' Archer
Archer and Porthos
Test Pilot Archer
Arik Soong
Mirror Zefram Cochrane
Temporal Agent Daniels
Scientist Degra
Commander Dolim
Feezal Phlox
Admiral Maxwell Forrest
Agent Harris
Karyn Archer
Commander Kelby
Advocate Kolos
Captain Lorian
Boomer Mayweather
Ensign Mayweather
Mirror Mayweather
Mountain Climber Mayweather
Tuskegee Mayweather
Orion Slaver
Defensive Phlox
Mirror Phlox
Nanoprobe Phlox
Phlox, Au Naturel
Reverend Phlox
Dr. Phlox
Surgeon Phlox
Mirror Reed
Rura Penthe Reed
Section 31 Reed
Sniper Reed
Suliban Reed
Tourist Reed
Augment Riker
Chef Riker
Ensign Sato
Loque'eque Sato
Mirror Empress Sato
Professor Sato
Commando Shran
Ushaan Shran
Expedition Shran
Tholian Prisoner
Young T'Pau
Alternate Future T'Pol
Captain T'Pol
Commander T'Pol
Desert T'Pol
Mirror T'Pol
North Star T'Pol
Science Officer T'Pol
Subcommander T'Pol
Twilight T'Pol
Vulcan Wedding T'Pol
Tucker On-The-Ropes
Commander Tucker
North Star Tucker
EV Suit Tucker
Mirror Tucker
Rescuer Tucker
Tourist Tucker
Xindi Insectoid Councilor
Sphere-Builder Presage
Ambassador Soval
Private S. Money
Rianna Mayweather
Gralik Durr
Lieutenant Tarah
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