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Captain Riker 6-pack

We need every instance of Captain Riker in Timelines for... reasons. Yet only one exists? Herecy!

In the design of the Tuesday 6ers, here's something to do should there be a low-art week on the calendar sometime, possibly during a string of reruns.

Captains Riker

Acting Captain Riker (Picard)
Captain Riker (Nemesis)
Promoted Riker (Best of Both Worlds, part 2)

Alleged Captain Riker (Future Imperfect)
Alternate Captain Riker (Paralells)
Desperate Riker (also Paralells)

And if you wanted to keep fishing that pond, you could perhaps use War Games Riker (Peak Performance) or Klingon Captain Riker (A Matter of Honor)


  • One down! Keep it rolling!
  • LjofaLjofa ✭✭✭
    edited October 29
    How about Captain Riker of the USS Hathaway. Crafty has totally got to be a trait.
  • LjofaLjofa ✭✭✭
    edited October 29
    Oh, and maybe a Timelines Original Captain Riker of the USS Titan with a Picard-era uniform pre Mars Attack (and the Titan needs to be a ship in the game).
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