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Starbase donations "Bank"

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Its been something that has been annoying me for ages, and was brought back to mind when I read: https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/16649/add-crew-slot-room-to-starbases#latest
Obviously there was some dissension in that thread, but I thought it prudent to drop in my idea on the back of that discussion if you all don't mind.

For those fleets that do not have fully equipped starbase sections, it would be nice to be able to "Bank" donations for the future upgrades.
For those that play daily, there are often times where your items cannot be added to the starbase as the slots are full. We collect thousands of items that have to just fester until the room/s upgrade.

IF there was the ability to "Bank" 700 daily the crew members feel better because they are helping their fleet, and the players that (as we know flake out by saying they can never donate) get to actually donate regardless.

And just to be clear, the concept we have now obviously stays, but the Banking ability helps those that wish to donate daily but haven't collected items that are actually needed at the time by their fleet.
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    I like the bank idea and I would add a few things to the starbase request room list;

    Let the admiral lock some rooms so no donations can be placed there.
    Get rid of the 'donate 20 parts'; just give us a grand total.
    Create additional rooms for maxed out starbases; very frustrating when one component is full on the current replicator ration rooms.
    Make donations for replicator rations common items only; make rare donations (holos and aluminum) something better like a single behold, voyage token, or a citation.


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