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Expanded Voyages

Looking at my roster today, not counting the 10 golds I have out in shuttles and the 12 out on a voyage, i have 218 gold immortals sitting there gathering dust. Also have so many ships sitting around I could open a "Crook on the Corner, Buy Here Pay Here, Where Your Job is Your Credit, Home of the Weekly Payment" used ship lot.

Idea to give us more to do (and more importantly, incentive to continue to collect) is to create Voyage divisions similar to arena.

Division 1: 1 and 2 star ships only with 6 seats (1 seat for each skill)
Division 2: 3 and 4 star ships only with 9 seats (2 cmd, 2 dip, 2 sec, 1 sci, 1 eng, 1 med)
Division 3: 5 star ships only, 12 seats as current

So if you wanted for example you could run a 2* Borg Sphere, maxed out at 1550 starting antimatter and 6 crew, a maxed 4* Hirogen with 9 crew and 2250 starting antimatter and 5* voyage with 12 crew and if maxed, 2500 starting antimatter at the same time.

It would be a nice use of more crew and ships, and juggling crew to get the max potential out of 3 voyages at once. Any crew can be used in any division, all current voyage rules still apply (i,e, if on voyage, not available for shuttle, dilemma times etc).
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  • JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    Would there also be a crew limit of rarity? I hope not, because of the slots, you know. It would be cool though to run them simeowtaneously for sum extra rewards (especially chronitons). :)
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  • This is a cool idea! I would like to add a tweak to the idea. What if you could send all three ships out together at the same time as a small fleet or armada. Every 2 hours they'd have a dilemma, which may include a ship battle. You could decide which ships get used for various "tactics", maybe lead ship, support, or decoy. Total remaining AM is taken into account and rewards are given according to success. You could even transfer remaining AM between ships to try to get those voyages to the 8 or 10 hour marks. And sending 3 ships of the same faction adds to AM boost. (3 Borg, Terran, Federation, etc.)

    I like your idea! We definitely need more use for those rickety old dust buckets.
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