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Player Support current response time - 10/06

ShanShan admin
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Hi all,

As many of you have noticed, there are delays for tickets replies.
This is due to the amount of tickets being received every day.

Additional help has been brought in, and the team is working hard on all those tickets.

Edit 11/15: I am removing the current response time as it creates more confusion than anything else. While we are making progress on the size of the backlog, there are still big delays.

There are steps you can take to avoid creating more delays and/or to help in getting your issue resolved more quickly:

• do not send multiple tickets for the same issue
• be as precise and concise as possible in your description of the issue at hand
• if it involves a purchase in the Time Portal for Dilithium, do provide the name of the pack in question
• if it involves a purchase done with real currency, please provide a copy of the receipt from the relevant store/platform (a bank statement is not valid)

If you need to update your ticket you can reply to the email you received confirming that your request is in our system.

You also have the option to update your ticket/provide screenshots etc by signing in to our Zendesk portal.

The credentials for Zendesk are not the same as the one you use for the game.

As long as you have sent a ticket in, your email address is already known on the portal and you will only need to create a password for your account.

In the login screen at the bottom left you will see: Have you emailed us? Get a password
Following that link and instructions will allow you to create credentials for our Support Portal.

Thank you!
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