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Some Star Trek Timelines News and.. Star Trek Day!

Greetings, Captains!

How about some Star Trek Timelines news?

Recently our QA Lead Ben had the opportunity to participate in TimelinesTalks, a YouTube stream, and to provide answers to some community questions.

Below is an overview of the most relevant topics that were discussed:

- Voyage Tokens and not being able to choose when to use them, is it intentional?
Yes, it is. As with everything that’s changed/implemented in the game, we need to consider how it affects the overall balance. Voyage Tokens are not meant to be a commodity, they were primarily designed as a tool to be used in specific circumstances, in case of outages for instance.

- Any upcoming changes to Voyages and/or Gauntlet?
While no changes are planned at this time, we understand these are important topics for our players. As such they are on our list of things to look into as soon as the opportunity arises.

Regarding the Voyage stuck bug, we would like to share some good news. Progress has been made in finding the cause of the issue! We hope to be able to implement a solution in game soon.

- Admiral Tools Request and in-game Chat issues
Adding player tools in-game is a big endeavor and not as easy as it sounds, there is a lot to consider on the back end and in terms of user interface. This negatively impacts our ability to tackle this in the near future. Likewise regarding the chat issues that we know can be very frustrating. Both these topics are on our backlog however.

- New collections, especially a Mirror one?
Mirror Collection .. stay tuned..
Speaking of collections, all the suggestions that have been provided on our forums/social channels are greatly appreciated!

- What can be expected from the Forte cooperation?
Our collaboration with Forte opens up a lot of opportunities for the game, however it is much too early for any details.

- What about:

-- changes to the regular events rewards structure?
Yes! This is something we are looking into and hope to implement early next year.

-- new types of events, new features?
We have a big new feature coming early next year that we think all players will love, it is too early to give more details but it will be worth the wait. Additionally, we’re also still planning for new types of events, such as objectives events.

-- a potential marketplace where players could buy/sell crew?
It is an interesting idea, and while we’re not looking into that specific setting for a marketplace, we’re exploring what kind of marketplace would fit the game.

-- Tellarites?
This is on our list of crew requested by players! This means it might result in a Tellarite character appearing in the game, no ETA though.

-- mini-events, new Distress Call?
The goal was to have both of these out sooner, and they are still planned. They will go live later than we anticipated due to priorities and resources having shifted, as is often the case in game development. Regarding Mini-Events their structure and rewards will be different that what was shown during that one beta mini-event. For instance, it is unlikely that rewards will provide Dilithium.

-- the next Time Portal Update?
Time Portal updates, like special sales/events, are not a set in stone and do not have a specific schedule. As always, we’ll keep you informed when the time comes!

-- adding Kelvin-verse and Lower Decks characters?
That’s a no for Kelvin-verse characters. As for Lower Decks, we’re looking into it!

Star Trek Day is coming!

September 8 is known as Star Trek Day.
What was once a fan only initiative is now getting the recognition it deserves!
StarTrek.com will have a dedicated page for the occasion, with content throughout the day.

We will join in this celebration with a pumped up care package, and temporary achievements! But that’s not all, the festivities will continue during the week, with a free legendary giveaway (a choice between three crew via a behold), and a special offer. So be sure to come celebrate with us!

Live long and prosper,

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