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Join us for Star Trek Day Celebrations! Giveaway date correction

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Greetings, Captains!

On Tuesday, September 8, along with Startrek.com and many Star Trek fans, we’ll be celebrating Star Trek Day!

Since the first episode aired, on September 8 1966, Star Trek has grown and evolved. But throughout the years it has continued to inspire fans across many generations. As a game developer, we are very proud to be part of this important franchise. At the end of this message, you’ll find what Star Trek means for some of the Wicked Realm Games crew!

Celebrating Star Trek Day in style!

- Temporary achievements

You’ve let us know that you really enjoy temporary achievements, so we made it so - with improvements: these temporary achievements will be visible for everyone at the same time, starting at the daily reset on September 8, at 1am ET (5:00 UTC), until September 15 at 12:59 am ET (4:59 UTC).

But that is not all, we’ve tweaked things up a bit by including tiers for each achievement.
The more tiers you complete, the more the rewards you can obtain.

Achievements and rewards list

Perform scans
Tiers 1: 6 scans - get 100 Dilithium
Tiers 2: 14 scans - get 2x 1-pack premium
Tiers 3: 28 scans - get 1x 10-pack premium

Complete Shuttle missions
Tiers 1: 15 missions - get 100 Dilithium
Tiers 2: 35 missions - get 2x 1-pack premium
Tiers 3: 70 missions - get 2x 10-pack premium

Level Up crew
Tiers 1: 20 level ups - get 1x 1-pack premium
Tiers 2: 50 level ups - get 200 Dilithium
Tiers 3: 99 level ups - get 1x Legendary Citation

Complete Away-Team missions
Tiers 1: 100 missions - get 100 Dilithium
Tiers 2: 200 missions - get 200 Dilithium
Tiers 3: 500 missions - get 500 Dilithium

Complete Arena battles
Tiers 1: 30 battles - get 200 Dilithium
Tiers 2: 70 battles - get 400 Dilithium
Tiers 3: 100 battles - get 2x 10-pack premium

- Buffed Up Care Package
We are continuing with our bi-weekly care packages, and the one on September 8 will be extra special. It’ll contain 375 Chronitons, 3x Voyage Revival Token, and 2x Supply Kits!

- Free Behold Giveaway
On Thursday September 10, around noon ET (16:00 UTC) the Time Portal will host a free behold giveaway pack, for a choice between Gunslinger Uhura, Dr. 'Bones' McCoy, or Laborer Kirk!

We’re looking forward to celebrating with you, and continuing to enjoy everything Star Trek in the months to come.

And now, a few words from Wicked Realm Games devs:

Jessica S., Lead Narrative Designer:
I grew up watching Star Trek with my mom, playing 25th Anniversary and A Final Unity. That little girl would have never believed that someday she would get to work on her very own Star Trek game! I feel so blessed to be able to contribute to this new renaissance in the Star Trek universe, and I hope many more people get to discover the awesomeness of Star Trek as a result.

Lexi W., Live Operations Producer
As a new initiate to the Star Trek world, it reminds me why scifi remains my favorite genre - the potential contained in the Star Trek universe opens our minds to what is possible and what we can accomplish when we work together. I have loved getting to know this world and its people, watching with joy as our studio experiences new episodes, twists, and characters together. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to explore this universe and bring its possibilities to all our players!

Joe R., Art Manager
I still have a vivid memory of watching in terror as the ceti eel entered Chekov's ear as a kid. I enjoyed watching Spock commune with whales and would watch the new shows after school, but it wasn't until many years later watching and re-watching with my partner that I would grow to love Star Trek. Our personal favorite is Deep Space Nine... which may have led in some manner to naming our son, Miles. Whether he goes on to pick up a hyperspanner or a trumpet remains to be seen, but Star Trek has been an instrumental part of my life and career over the past decade.

Sean K., Artist
I’m a bit of a johnny come lately when it comes to the Star Trek franchise. I’ve been a sci-fi fan since I was a kid, but Star Trek had never really caught my attention growing up. It wasn’t until my late twenties that I gave TNG a go, and after a few episodes was immediately drawn in by not only the great cast of characters, but also the fascinating stories that delved into complex questions of science, and the human (as well as alien) condition. It didn’t hurt that it also had some fun alien designs, and thrilling ship battles. Since then I’ve watched all of DS9, and currently I’m finally catching up on Voyager. At the time I first watched TNG ( now almost a decade ago) I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be fortunate enough to work on such a classic, and beloved franchise.

Robert B., Technical Designer
Growing up, my dad showed me the Star Trek movies until we reached First Contact, and the Borg implant popped from Picard’s cheek as I screamed. While we stopped there for a while, we watched the other movies repeatedly, and I still vividly remember Scotty speaking into a mouse whenever I talk to my Echo. I watched the shows through TV reruns and scattered DVDs, catching these tiny isolated glimpses of Star Trek. As rereleases came out, I gladly filled in my knowledge gaps. I’ve always appreciated Trek’s combination of the silly and serious as they explore the frontiers of an optimistic future. I’m happy to work on realizing small parts of this universe, and getting the chance to revisit some of my favorite memories as I look towards future Star Trek adventures.

Shan, Communications Lead
While I do not have specific key memories about Star Trek, I feel it has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. For me Star Trek represents hope. Hope for a better world, a better future - one we can all have a hand in creating.

Live long and prosper,

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