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Star Base 71 Recruiting! Looking for active daily players.

I was just promoted to the position of Admiral in this fleet that I have been in for about a year -- Star Base 71 -- so I want to use this new position to reinvigorate this fleet.

This is a very casual fleet, currently at level 86, with very little demands of you, the player. If you are a player that likes to play Timelines daily, competes in events, but is not hardcore, then Star Base 71 may be the fleet for you. You won't be harassed if you do not consistently rank in the top 1000 in events :p . Please join, do your dailies, and contribute those pesky starbase components to help max this base out and get all the bonuses that come with it.
Join Star Base 71 - Looking for casual daily players


  • Bound2FateBound2Fate ✭✭✭
    edited November 28
    Anyone looking for a casual, no-hassle fleet that is not yet maxed out? We only have 17 members and at level 88, so any new members who can contribute daily are welcome.
    Join Star Base 71 - Looking for casual daily players
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