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v7.6.0 Release Notes

Greetings, Captains!

Our latest version of the game, v7.6.0 has now been released on Google Play! It will be available on our other platforms in the upcoming days.

What’s new in v.7.6.0?

- Event Hub (NOT LIVE YET)
With this update we’re introducing a brand new feature, the Event Hub!

Once live, and this will happen after a forced upgrade, the Event Hub will be your go-to place for events! You will now be able to access the current event from the Event Hub, as well as view some recently completed events, to see your results. Also, as new events get announced, the Event Hub will be updated with the information for those upcoming events. Finally, the Event Hub will be where you can claim all your event rewards moving forward.

- Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Agreeing to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will now be mandatory to play the game. This has been implemented via a pop-up that will be presented to you the first time you launch this new version.

- Apple Sign In (valid for iOS devices only)
iOS users will now have the ability to sign in with their Apple ID.
This option is only available on iOS devices.

Attention: if you wish to be able to play across different platforms, you will need to register your game account with a valid email address and password (recommended), or with your Facebook profile.

As with most updates, a forced upgrade will be required once v.7.6.0 is available on all platforms. We will let you know in advance when it will take place.

Thank you for playing,

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