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[Req] Upgrade Component for Crew Slots, Shuttle Bays, etc

RyzkenarinRyzkenarin ✭✭
edited November 2017 in Make It So!
Expanding on the suggestion for "crew slot fragments" made here, I'd like to suggest the following as event loot:

A generic "Upgrade Component"
(with a better name)

These could be accrued from events, and (after saving up) used to permanently upgrade game features, like:
  • Crew Complement (more crew slots)
  • Shuttle Capacity (more shuttle bays)
  • Play Time (small increase to max. Chronitons)
  • Dilithium Refinery (small increase to daily dilithium for Monthly purchase)
  • Cadet/Arena (small increase to max. Cadet/Arena tokens)

While this may initially decrease dilithium usage in these areas, people will still use dilithium to save time.

This will also increase the game's value with players on a lower game-budget (since dilithium will feel less necessary), generating more play-time (which brings increased chances of dilithium purchases and advertisement plays).


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