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An update on various issues

Greetings, Captains,

This week we’ve celebrated Star Trek Day but unfortunately we’ve also encountered a few issues. We apologize for the inconvenience, and the negative impact this might have had on your gaming experience.

Here’s a recap of where we are at:

- Battle Arena issue and its impact on the temporary achievement.
Next week, once the temporary achievements period is over, we’ll look at players who took part in the Battle Arena temporary achievement. By comparing the number of Battle Arena tickets used to the progress of said achievement, we will be able to compensate each player appropriately. More information on this next week.

- Android login issue: we have worked on a new version of 7.6.0 on Google Play that should correct the issue for the players affected. It is currently under review, and will go live as soon as Google approves it. However we do not have a time estimate as to when this will happen.

We understand the frustration that this is causing, and the negative implications this might have had for the affected players. Our Support Team will work with you on an appropriate solution. Due to the amount of tickets they currently have to deal with, there will be delays. Your patience is appreciated while this work is ongoing.

- Facebook Gameroom issue: we still need to look into that particular issue.
We want to take this opportunity to bring to your attention that Facebook will be discontinuing Facebook Gameroom in June 2021 at which time Gameroom will no longer be available for anyone.

While we work on a solution for the current issue, as previously mentioned, there are alternatives for players using a computer (Facebook.com, Steam, or the app available in the Windows 10 store).

Thank you for your continued support,

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