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Please Fix Inconsistent Portrait/Avatar Sizes

Historically, the head sizes/approximate body area for each character featured in their cropped portrait/avatar used to be consistent.

More recently, the sizes have varied wildly between a tiny head with the cropped area extending to the middle of the chest (e.g., Zhian'Tara Odo, C.O.P. Founder Archer) and big giant head with nothing else visible (e.g., Protomorphosis Worf, Armed Philippa Georgiou).

I don't know why this has turned into an issue, but if you could please have someone go through and fix the portraits so the crew avatars are all in the original proportions, that would be much appreciated.


  • Yes please! I have been waiting since Katrine debuted to have her avatar go from boobs-up to actual headshot.

    The above should be how her avatar appears, not breast and a tiny head.
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