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Spocktober is here!


Greetings, Captains!

On top of our current campaign we have quite a few things queued up for Spocktober!

Let’s begin with our mega-event starting next Thursday, October 8 - and appropriately named, yes you guessed it: “Spocktober”.

This mega-event will span over four weeks, for each event the recurrent bonus trait will be “Vulcan”, and the recurrent threshold reward will be a brand new variant of Spock: EV Suit Spock!

Other characters that you’ll encounter by participating in the mega-event include Amanda Grayson (TOS), Sarek (TOS), Solok (DS9), Pike (DSC), T’Pring (TOS), McCoy (TOS), as well as Leila Kalomi, and Zarabeth (both TOS).

A new ship will also be added to the game: the USS T’Kumbra.

The schedule of events will be as follow:
Hybrid Faction/Galaxy Event - “The Noblest Half” - October 8
Hybrid Galaxy/Skirmish Event - “First Doctrines” - October 15
Galaxy Event - “His Vulcan Mind” - October 22
Skirmish Event - “Sha Ka Ree” - October 29

But there is more ..

For Spocktober you can also look forward to a future crew slots sale (and free crew slots), and the addition of a new collection! Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

We hope that you’ll enjoy Spocktober with us, live long and prosper!


PS: how is that Vulcan salute practice going?
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