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Possible issue - Voyage return speed up

I hesitated before posting this, it may be nothing or it may be a symptom of some larger underlying issue.

I recently completed a 64 hour voyage, return time 25hrs 24mins. Sent out my shuttles for the event and shut down the game. when I came back online for the shuttles return I checked out my voyage, (out of habit), the voyage return time was shorter than I expected. I thought I had been mistaken with my original estimate for when it would be back.

Each time I came back to the game for the shuttles I checked the voyage and the expected return time was earlier. I was still surprised when I noticed the voyage return icon flashing in the corner of the screen. My voyage had returned. At a guess, approximately 8hrs early!

I didn't keep and records of this as I'm fairly certain all the rewards were intact. I finally decided I should open a post about this.

It may not be an issue. I may have been lucky. Some glitch may have sped up my voyage return.

But just in case.
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