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÷Battleship Hiei -New Fleet

Come help us build our new fleet, and have fun playing. Low level new players welcome, We're part of the Battleships Musashi, Yamato, and Kongo Family. Low stress, not pressure. Play your own game at your own pace. Low levels, low event scores, people that can't afford to dump a bunch of money into the game welcome. Hit me up, I'm ÷GaucheKurt, or look for us under the Join Fleet.


  • Nice one Kurt - lookin forward to seeing the image of the new space battleship
    Join the ÷ Armada !
  • xddtk01ha6aw.jpeg

    She’s a beaut too 😉
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  • ÷ Dr. Claire Finn÷ Dr. Claire Finn ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020

    Hiei 飛影 ひえい Literally meaning: Flying Shadow
    ÷Dr. Claire Finn - Admiral of Battleship Yamato & Founder of ISS Yamato
  • Thank you Dr. Claire Fin, that was beautiful artwork.
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