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Shuttle Mission Drop Rates

Has anyone done any studies on the drop-rates of items from shuttle missions? The Wiki does not show any of this info (it just shows that item-X CAN drop from a Federation shuttle, not the chances it will drop).


  • Mirror CartmanMirror Cartman ✭✭✭✭✭
    I doubt it. The drop chances depend upon the difficulty of the faction missions. The missions get more difficult as you pass more of them, and easier when you start failing.

    Difficult missions can reward higher tier items, and so reduce the chances of lower tier items.

    e.g. Bajoran and Marquis missions award incense. Only the hardest will award 4* incense.

    When a player launches shuttles for Bajoran faction, they do not know the exact difficulty, so it is hard to tabulate the frequency of rewards.
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