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Microsoft Store version broken

JiveDutchJiveDutch ✭✭✭
edited October 2020 in Engineering Room
The microsoft store version will not start for me currently.
I get to see the Tilting Point logo , and when it should switch to the space Timelines screen it crashes.
Event Log says :

Faulting application name: Star Trek Timelines.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5f7b9527
Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.19041.488, time stamp: 0x5b4a3325
Exception code: 0xe06d7363
Fault offset: 0x0000000000023e49
Faulting process id: 0x46e8
Faulting application start time: 0x01d6a1f2c4198626
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\TiltingPoint.StarTrekTimelines_1.0.404.0_x64__85kh3h6wfjavg\Star Trek Timelines.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll
Report Id: d3c6f9f3-c4f4-45bc-afdd-6a175e8031f9
Faulting package full name: TiltingPoint.StarTrekTimelines_1.0.404.0_x64__85kh3h6wfjavg
Faulting package-relative application ID: App

Crash happens at/after teh Kobayashi Maru stage.


  • Have you tried removing the app and installing it again?
  • I have done this to this, also tried to load updates ...
    As the store version does work on my laptop, i will try a remove and full reset of the windows store apps this evening to see if this will solve the crash / corruption.
  • Sorry Shan ... Didnae work
  • Please submit a ticket with details about what you have done and information about your computer.

    Is steam an option for you? As the game is also available on that platform.
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