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Server Release Notes October 14 - Chronitons Edition

ShanShan admin
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Greetings, Captains!

With today’s server release we are introducing the following changes to Chronitons!

Dev commentary: We intend these changes to reduce the friction that the Chroniton cap presents for newer players, increase the value of Chroniton Refill Purchases and address some inconsistency in Captain Level Rewards.

* Chronitons cap increase
From Captain level 1 up to level 49 the Chronitons cap has been increased, the new formula is: 48 + Captain level times 2.

Example: at Captain level 30, the Chronitons cap is now 108 (48 + 2x30) instead of 88.

The max cap stays unchanged at 150. (this is the base cap which can be higher depending on potential Starbases/Collections bonuses)

* Chronitons have been added to Captain Level Rewards at levels: 5,7,9,11,13.

* Chronitons Refill Purchases
Chronitons Refill purchases are no longer capped at 50 Chronitons per purchase.

The amount of Chronitons received via a Refill purchase is now linked to a player’s Captain level cap, + potential Starbase/Collections bonuses, with a maximum of 120 Chronitons per purchase. Dilithium costs for Refill purchases remain the same.


- a player at Captain level 20, without any Starbase/Collections bonuses who has a Chroniton cap of 88, will receive 88 Chronitons per Refill purchase.

- a player at Captain level 26 in a fleet with a max Starbase who has a Chroniton cap of 130 (base 100 + 30 from Starbase rooms), will receive 120 Chronitons per Refill purchase.

We hope that you will enjoy these changes, thank you for playing!

PS: you might need to restart to see the updated caps.


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