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Quarks Gambling Emporium

Once all the bug fixes are done :) lol..
And we go back to adding features..

Can we expand Quarks beyond Dabo ?
I'd like to see perhaps a daily credit lottery.
No Dilithium. Can purchase up to 3 tickets per day at 5k. Jackpot is 50% of total purchases, other 50% is divided in to smaller lower level prize wins.

If no Jackpot winner, pot is carried over to following day continually until won.

Number on player tickets can be game generated or user picked (whatever is easier) but something we can look at and press "Claim" if we win.

Maybe a third thing as well for Quarks gambling emporium.. open to suggestions as what the third table could be.

(Lol, hell.. maybe a Dilithium table. 2 crystals per ticket.. 5 ticket Max, same break down as credits)

Ok, so ideas for a forth table lol..


  • ClanofClanof ✭✭✭
    Hey I'd like to see a whole casino we can go chill at to kill time. I'd like to see a Tongo room we can go compete against other players in some sort of strategic game.
  • Quark’s Black Market!
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