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Event Hub feature requests

1. Have the old Event button/features instead of the Hub button when an event is running, with a new button in the event UI to take us to the hub.
2. Don't call an old event "Hybrid," tell us it was "Galaxy/Skirmish" or whatever it was.
3. Unlock the scrolling for the ranks in old leaderboards. I am keenly interested in knowing this week how many VP it took to break rank 1500 during the last event of this same type, but all I can see is the top 50 and the 50 around the rank I got.


  • (or perhaps just update all leaderboards so that, in addition to the two 50-rank ranges, we can see any ranked reward break-point)
  • This would be helpful on many levels. Please.
  • Also - add the upcoming event info at the same time you put it in the forums
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