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Frozen/No Use Icon

If there's one thing I've wanted for the last couple years, ever since cryofreeze was introduced, it's an icon on a character in a behold/event/crew to show that you have that character frozen. Some kind of small pip or a small blue snowflake added to the upper corner would make thing so much easier to clear out duplicates, especially for those of us who have more than a few characters already frozen.

Along this same lines, it would also be nice (but a completely separate idea) to be able to highlight equipment in your inventory (maybe an icon?) that isn't usable by any current character in your crew. I've usually had this happen when I replicate something for a character (often to freeze them), but then leave an item only they could use in inventory, and they'll never need it. It would sure make inventory management easier.


  • I second the idea of a small icon on allready frozen crew, maybe a little icecrystal? :)
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