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Second Star to the Right is recruiting! We are looking for eager and enthusiastic captains looking to join a savvy fleet of skilled players. SSR is a longtime standing fleet that has consistently been a top fleet while maintaining a very relaxed environment. We have a lot of fun playing the game, and since we are a fleet that has always been at the forefront of the game, we can help you in any area that you may need help with.

We rotate squadrons every week so that members feel comfortable with whatever your goal is for any event. Whether you are shooting for top 1000, 1500, thresholds only, or want to put a bullet in your phone because you hate galaxy events, we have a squad for that!

We have:
-A Discord server, shared with our sister fleets, for a great community
-Max starbase with full daily rewards
-Multiple discord bots available to help you with your game
-Extremely low turnover/burnout rate and no drama
-2 openings

Minimum Requirements:
-250+ Immortals
-Join the discord
-Leave egos at the door
-Prior T1500 finish

If you are interested, drop me a message, or add me on discord (SSR Barkley#7048)
/SSR/ Barkley
Second Star to the Right - Join Today!
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