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Making Arena challenging again...

After the last 2 weeks of Timelines Talks going on about the Portal dilution, I thought of a way to help that.

I would guess that Arena is pretty much an afterthought for most players, just do the minimum 5 for the dailies and forget about it. (or some don't even bother!)

How about you MOVE maybe 50-75 (or more) of the older Gold Crew (and maybe a handful of the newer ones for "Arena Only"?), and maybe 40-50 purple crew to the Arena for rank rewards? You would achieve Arena Portal tokens based on daily score. Don't make the Arena Portal accessible via Dilithium directly, only tokens. Maybe 1 gold added (moved) to Arena portal per month for Admiral division, 1 purple for Captain Division.
This would be in addition to the schematics reward.

(When I say "move", I mean remove them from the main portal, and put them in the "Arena Portal", to lessen the dilution of the main portal.)

(Example distribution Admiral and Captain levels only)
1-50 = 5-tokens
51-200 = 4 tokens
201-800 = 3 tokens
801-1500 = 2 tokens
1501-3000 = 1 tokens

1 token = 1 drop. Gold 10% chance, purple 90%.

Use the same distribution for Commander Division, but just using Basic Rewards Portal instead?

This would give players a reason to spend a little dil on Arena again. Win-win for everyone?


What do you all think?
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  • Emperor Borg DroneEmperor Borg Drone ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 14
    I wouldn't dislike it if the arena wasn't one of the game features that reset before I get up in the morning, which means that I almost never manage to stay in the top 1% because my last battle is always at least 7 hours before reset. My guess is that, for the same reason, a lot of players who live in the wrong time zones would dislike it too.
  • I like the concept. Some of the logistics would need to be tweeked, though. Getting a gold drop basically every 2 days would be too much. Also the thing @Emperor Borg Drone said about the time zones. I am also always asleep at that time.

    This would be a great use of the Decrepit Legendaries™ pool, though. I think this would be a good way to earn packs of old legendaries and get them out of the portal. We would need to make it where you could only get one legendary per week, max, and address the time zone issue.
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