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Neue Crew: Jett Reno (nervös) 4*

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Fähigkeiten (Level 100, komplett fusioniert und ausgerüstet):
ING 320 (57 - 181), WIS 865 (160 - 319), MED 588 (116 - 284)

Fähigkeiten (Level 100, komplett ausgerüstet):
ING 200 (57 - 181), WIS 621 (160 - 319), MED 360 (116 - 284)

Merkmale: Sternenflotte, Föderation, Mensch, Improvisationstalent, Einfallsreich, Verzweifelt, Veteran




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    Hey, guys, I have a question. I’m new to the game and have basically been keeping everyone I get. But I need to make room for a group of voyage characters I’m about to bring back.

    I was looking through the datacore big book tiers to decide who to space. If a character is listed in any of the 10 tiers, should I assume they aren’t even worth mentioning and are an easy space decision? Example: Crewman Tarses
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