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A post someone made in the event thread deserves its own thread. Recent animal additions to currently running Star Trek shows presents an opportunity. DB/WRG previously kept some of the iconic animals as avatar rewards for each year a player stayed with the game. With Spot 2 and Number One appearing in Picard, Grudge in Discovery, Tribbles in Short Treks, and Dog in Lower Decks (sorry if I missed any), there is a growing list of animals available for avatars. And this is on top of older possibilities, like Porthos, George and Gracie, Gary Seven's cat, Lewis Zimmerman's iguana, and several others that I can't recall so quickly.

I would love to see a collection of crew who appear with pets, like Amanda Rogers, Picard & Number One, Archer & Porthos, Imprinted Archer, Lewis Zimmerman, any crew that appears with a tribble, and others. The rewards, as I said, could be avatar options of these animals that have appeared in Star Trek, along with some chronitons and honor sprinkled in. It would be a fun way to include some more of the animals that we've enjoyed on Star Trek. :)
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  • From my point of view, we don't need more crew, but there is a lack of opportunities to be able to obtain specific crews in retrospect (a.t.m. there is almost 1000 crew).
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    I'm interested in both Picard and Kirk riding horseback from Generations.
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