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Adira Art Change Remedy

Greetings, Captains,

Last week we had to make the difficult decision to change the art of Adira Tal with very little notice. This is not a situation we wanted for our players, or for ourselves. As a studio when an incident like this happens we do a full assessment. We review points of failure and how to best address them going forwards - to avoid a similar situation from happening again. This assessment will happen after the holidays.

In the meantime we want to acknowledge the negative impact this had on the players having participated in the “A Stitch Saves Nine” event, and on our players’ community at large.
We also recognize that our initial communication regarding the art change was not as clear as it could have been.

Please accept our apologies for both situations.

Our remedy action plan is as follows:

With this week’s server

We’ll make a few improvements to the current iteration of Adira to make it authentic and relevant to the art being used. The skill stats and ship ability will not be modified.

These improvements will include:
- name change to EDF Adira
- removal of the flavor text
- Musician trait replaced by Saboteur
- ship ability name change

Based on the leaderboard for the “A Stitch Saves Nine” event, we'll award a new version of Adira (with the art shown initially) to the players who ranked 1 to 1500. The number of copies awarded will be consistent with the rank achieved in that event.

Rank 26-1500: 1 copy
Rank 16-25: 2 copies
Rank 6-15: 3 copies
Rank 2-5: 4 copies
Rank 1: 5 copies

Starting on February 3 and ending on February 10 at 00:00 am ET (5:00 UTC)

The new version of Adira (same as above - with the art shown initially) will be made available to everyone via three temporary achievements with goals easily achievable.

Please note that for this one time this specific crew will be released with pre-existing First to Max information, and this to preserve the original First to Max for Adira that occurred before the art change.

We are humbled by our players’s passion and their dedication to the Star Trek franchise.
We stumble from time to time but our commitment to the game, and to our players, remains intact.

Live long and prosper,

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