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EXODUS: Looking for a few great captains for our maxed starbase

As we bid goodbye to 2020, is a new fleet in your list of New Year’s resolutions? Many fleets suggest you join them, but let’s cut to the chase on why joining Exodus is the right answer for you:
  • An active but social optional Discord. You need to chime in for squad assignments between events, but can otherwise be silent if you choose.
  • A maxed out starbase so you get the highest possible bonuses and a group of dedicated starbase janitors to ensure that daily donations are achieved.
  • Datacore bot integration for all your voyage, stats and analysis needs.
  • A roster of experienced players who can tell you if that new Tuesday pack is worth 20 pulls (hint: probably not) and provide other advice as requested.
  • A treasure trove of game advice writeups. If you don’t find what you need you can ping the fleet, some of whom have been playing since launch month.
  • You don’t have to take my word for it. We have videos posted in our Discord from TNG/VOY/ENT/DSC/PIC actors suggesting you join Exodus. We’re not kidding!

Sounds great Spot, do I qualify?
Thanks for asking. Here’s what we look for:
  • Level 40+ player
  • NO spending requirement – we have both whales and VIP 0s here.
  • Donate regularly
  • Discord is mandatory for squad organization

Awesome, how do we make this happen?
Ping me here or in game, or reach out to any of our officers with the eXo | tag and we’ll send you the Discord invite for a short interview.


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