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Recent uptick in ads not offered

The outstanding issue of ads not being offered when they are expected (especially 2x doublers on cadets) has increased recently for me and my fleet members on both ios and android platforms. This is remedied by closing the app and restarting but doesn't help if your rewards window is closed. I have noticed one way this happens is when I change apps and timelines restarts automatically due to os (android) memory management. In this case ads pretty much never work. It would be nice to see some resolution. I would not mind have some indicator that tells us what ads are available. I hate having to run 4 chron missions just to see if 2x is available.



  • AviTrekAviTrek ✭✭✭✭✭

    I hate knowing I have a cadet 2x ad that should be available,v running a mission and not getting the ad, then claiming my free 20 chrons and getting the ad option for the 10 chrons I didn't care about.

    There are also days where I don't have time to log in 3 times 3 hours apart. I like to use an ad to double my scan so I only need to log in a second time to finish that daily mission. But then I don't get the ad and I had no way of knowing if I'll get an ad in 3 hours on my next scan or not.
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