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Rank 1501+ bonus prizes!

Ishmael MarxIshmael Marx ✭✭✭✭✭
Silly title, but wanted to put this idea formally into this subforum for discussion/reference. I and others have advocated for it before in other places, but here it is:

When a rank-earned event 5* is airlocked post-event, it should be offered to the next highest player that did not rank-earn it (e.g., rank 1501).

Rationale: many of us rank in the top 1500 whether or not we want the 5* card because there are more prizes being given away than just the 5* card. However, this means we are blocking players that really-really want the card but can’t quite get there. I don’t want to give up my honor, dilithium, portals, merits, etc just so Captain Whomever (I hope no one actually plays under that name!) can get their favorite character, despite my feeling bad that I contributed to them not getting it.

Solution: any rank-earned 5* that is airlocked within 24hrs of event end is offered to an equal number of players starting from rank 1501 via in-game mailbox. So on Tuesday at Dabo-reset, a lucky few (or many) may find a bonus prize in their mailbox.

- Original player still gets the 550 honor from airlocking, but they cannot submit a ticket to request the restoration of this card by CS. (Not sure if that takes extra backend coding, but it’s a necessary restriction to prevent conniving.)
- Mail message will expire in 1 week. (The next captain either wants the gifted card or they don’t.) Claim it and airlock it for honor, or let it evaporate into subspace.
- There might be a 1hr lag or something (like happens with arena rewards) to allow the servers time to tabulate airlocks and identify target captains for mailing. Fine with me.
- This “pass the card” mechanism is a one-time event only. If the card is airlocked by the second captain, then it is gone.
- If the card is airlocked by the original captain after 24hrs post-event, then it is gone just like it is normally (though in this case, CS could restore it with a timely request, per existing company policies.)
- This idea only applies to the 5* rank prize. There are plenty of ways to earn/get the lower tier cards over time. The goal here is to address the toughest segment of the card collecting process.

Personal note: I would end up subverting my own design during mega events since I hang onto all the 5* until I see if I catch an extra star for the airlock candidate in the wrap-up packs, but that’s unavoidable (pending someone else’s clever suggestion). At least I’d be a good neighbor during the non-mega events.

That’s it in a nutshell. Feel free to suggest tweaks.


  • I like the idea, or I like the broader idea of "trading" crew cards with other players within your fleet. It would help newer players get some of the useless 4* crew cards we get for being in the top 1500 and give new players in the fleet an ability to get more crew faster.
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    Good idea, but i highly doubt it‘s easily possible to implement it into their game code, or at all.
  • Ishmael MarxIshmael Marx ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yeah, the coding is likely a nightmare. :/ But, maybe it gives them an idea that they can implement that addresses the issue in some fashion.
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