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Improve squad rewards/community rewards

Cpt_insano_2k1Cpt_insano_2k1 ✭✭✭✭
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The current squad rewards are comically bad. When a squad can rank high, the rewards do not reflect the effort taken. when you are new to the game and rank poorly, the basic replicator rations and low amount of credits wont help you.

The community rewards in galaxy events suffer from an even worse problem; aside from this weeks event which has unrealistic event point totals (10 billion???), in a typical galaxy event, it was possible to build only one item, take the rest of the weekend off and you would get all community rewards without even trying.

I would like to suggest That the community rewards for galaxy events be ditched entirely, and instead, modify the point totals to be aggressive goals for a full squadron of 5.

You could take an average of what an individual ranking of 2500 takes, multiply it by 5 and that is the top tier squadron reward, then make lower tiers from there.

I think the reward structure of the community rewards is decent, and should just be migrated to be squadron rewards. If anything, you could add a tier that reflects “top 100” performance from squad members and awards a fine prize, such as citation, legendary crew, reward token, or maybe honor or dilithium.

Do this for EACH event type. Squadrons need relevancy in this game, not just the pretend competitions that we all come up with in our fleets.


  • Taelle FarTaelle Far ✭✭
    edited January 4
    Unless you just loved, adored and could hardly wait for "group projects" in school; where your grade was entirely dependent on the efforts of your fellow classmates, you might want to rethink the "meaningful" squad awards idea.

    I understand your thoughts, but making squads very competitive would create unnecessary ill feeling in Fleets. One of the nicest things about Timelines is that the social aspect is almost entirely "social" and you don't need your team mates to be on the ball, all the time, in order to advance your own game. You can just enjoy their company without feeling like they are bad people if they take a weekend off, just when you really wanted one of the meaningful squad awards.

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