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Celebrate our 5th anniversary with us!

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Greetings, Captains!

How has it been five years already?!

Our 5th anniversary festivities start tomorrow at daily reset - meaning on Tuesday, January 5, at 12:00 am ET (5:00 UTC)!

- Time Portal Giveaway (not live yet)

In the time portal you'll find a free giveaway pack for a brand new Paris, festively dressed for the occasion, Luau Paris.

FE 5/5, Level 100, CMD 959 (183 - 357), DIP 1266 (243 - 467), SEC 501 (108 - 204)
FE 1/5, Level 100, CMD 511 (183 - 357), DIP 876 (243 - 467), SEC 276 (108 - 204)

Traits: Casual, Human, Federation, Starfleet, Diplomat, Maverick

- Temporary Achievements (not live yet)

How about getting three more copies of Luau Paris?

This will be possible via three temporary achievements available from Tuesday, January 5, at 12:00 am ET (5:00 UTC) until Tuesday, February 2, at 11:59 pm ET (4:59 am UTC). You’ll have until that time to complete the achievements, and claim your copies.

The temporary achievements will be:
- start 200 Faction Missions
- complete 125 Gauntlets Rounds
- complete 25 Voyages Dilemmas

That’s not all, for our anniversary we also have a special mini arc event, Utopia Galaxia. Consisting of two weekly events, this mini arc will tackle the big mystery known as the temporal anomaly. You will not want to miss it..

Onto next week!

Around noon ET (17:00 UTC) on Tuesday, January 12, we’ll release Grudge as our fifth anniversary avatar! She'll be available for all Captains having been with us from the very beginning. Newer Captains will have to wait until their game account turns five.

That’s only the first part of our celebration, stay tuned for more details about what will come next.

We’re grateful to all of our players for accompanying us on this journey. We’re ready for more and we hope you are too. Hit it!

Live long and prosper,



  • ShanShan admin
    Ship ability 1/5

    "An American Classic!"
    - Boosts Accuracy by 3
    - Initialize: 10s, Cooldown: 12s, Duration: 6s
    - Bonus Ability: +25% to Attack Speed
    - Equipment Bonus: Accuracy +500, Crit Bonus +250, Crit Rating +140, Evasion +415
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