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Unable to find when I started playing Timelines

I've never been able to see when I started the game. I know the trick about going to the DB account pages, but I've never seen a date anywhere on there. And today I just realized the site and the game give me two different DBID numbers.

Not that it seems to matter. I was just curious as to when I'd hit 5 years. I think I started in April of 2016, but it'd be nice to know.


  • ShanShan admin
    You need to login here: https://games.disruptorbeam.com/account
    with the same credentials that you use for your game account. Then go in the Games tab.

    You can also reach out to support and they will look that up for you.
  • AquielAquiel ✭✭
    edited 12:42AM
    @Shan How reliable is the information on the distruptorbeam site supposed to be? I looked myself up there and it said I started playing on 1/15/21. I’ve been playing for months longer than that. For one thing, I posted here on the forums before that looking for help with the game. 33bh241nrgpi.jpeg
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