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Mega Community Rewards

Now that WRG has experimented with modifying community rewards, I have a new idea. During a mega event, I would like to see an existing (maybe Decrepit™ ;) ) legendary added to the community rewards. It would be a new addition to faction events, so it would take some testing to see what would be realistic. And it would also be a totally new addition to faction events.

Anyway, I would like to see a legendary added to community rewards that has the bonus trait from the mega event. Like last mega could have inclueded someone newer, like Mirror Stamets or Captain Killy, or someone Decrepit™ like Mirror Spock or The Prophet.

It would be pretty cool to bring some of those older characters back in so the writer could use them. Or maybe make some of those older Tuesday legendaries available to f2p and VIP0. There's several possibilities now that WRG has experimented with community rewards. :)
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