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This my wander and bit and sorry ahead of time.

I'm going ro call it a Random Achievement because I think it would likely work best handled that way. Feel free to suggest alternatives

Anyway, when you scan, rather than a small drop there is a Dabo style chance of "finding" a random achievement, obviously timed.

Basic/common. Do a Cadet, Arena, Space Battle, Away mission, Gauntlet round. Minor payout slightly better than a scan. Say 5-10 merits for a gauntlet challenge, 5-10 schematics of the ship you challenged in arena.

Uncommon. Same but higher requirement and slightly better pay out.

Rare. These are small builds. Equip a Crusher to level 50 and send her to (random place name) to combat illness. The card is sacrificed and you get say 200 honor. It's a working number and reward.

SR. Mini chains that play out like an episode. Equip a Worf, send him on (specific faction mission). Additional tasks that make sense without creating new functions. The result is a random Worf, or a Worf behold. Again, these are working ideas.

Legendary. A sort of build a bear chain of tasks resulting in a specific portal SR or Legendary. I'm imagining something similar to Dabo odds but maybe a hair better since they would only be older Purples and Golds. This could be a way to address portal dilution. For example you might get a chain of achievements about rescuing a "prisoner" or a "diplomat". Perhaps the result is a random card with that trait.

Special. New cards unique to scan random Achievements.

Achievements that build and burn a card could have payouts that scale based on the card. It may be more interesting and fun than simply airlocking once you hit a certain point in the game. It would give the low rarity cards a new life. In fact, it could be a reason to make more of them, if they are tailored to specific scanned achievements. Perhaps certain achievements can only be completed with specific cards. This could bring new life and value to a lot of older cards.

Even if they don't burn the card and just require a specific card to do the task, a lot of older cards could become relevant if common achievements needed them and the payouts worth having them. For instance, a common achievement may require a specific individuals or traits. Like sending an "undercover agent" on a shuttle mission to spy. The payout could depend on the person you send. It could be a lot of fun hoping for an achievement and experimenting to find out the difference between sending different diplomats or innovators. Never know what easter eggs or exclusives could be hidden in them.
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