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Star Trek Timelines News - Timelines Talks Summary

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Greetings, Captains!

Yesterday Ben, Star Trek Timelines’s Associate Product Manager, was a guest on Timelines Talks - a player run community stream.

Here’s a summary of what was discussed:

Is Lower Decks coming?
While we did an evaluation on this, and even art tests, Lower Decks is unavailable to us at this time.

What about new content/new features?
- Mini-events/Objective events had to be deprioritized but that feature is not abandoned, and is still on our backlog.

- What about a new distress call? We have one that is written but it has not been designed yet, or tested. It is still on the backlog as well.

- Event Hub: the plan is to have two events in the event hub later this month. One in the announce phase and one in active phase.

Upcoming changes (starting mid-February)
- The new big feature we’ve previously hinted at is still on track!

The current plan is for it to be available to players in mid February.
There are many parts to this feature and we will be turning on sections of it one at a time, on a daily schedule. As we get closer to the release we’ll communicate our release plan as best we can. We’ll also share more details on the forums and via in-game mail when the time comes. Last but not least, Ben will also provide a sneak peek of the feature on Timelines Talks next month.

- There will be a reorganization of the main interface to support the new big feature, and we’re already planning for an addition to this feature, to be released later in the year.

- Quality of life feature: Crew Details Pop-Up
Tapping on a crew will soon provide much more information such as full detailed stats (FE/FF level 100 - FE level 100 - ship ability), and more.

- Event reward structure change
We’re looking into expanding the Top 1500 Ranked reward buckets and adding some different rewards as well.

- 1000th crew
That milestone will be achieved later in February, and the crew will be: Maco Mayweather!

- 5th Anniversary Festivities
We started yesterday with a Luau Paris giveaway, along with temporary achievements to gain three additional copies of him.

We have an anniversary mini arc consisting of two events, the first one starting today.

On the 12th we’ll be releasing a new anniversary avatar that will unlock once your game account turns 5: Grudge the Cat.

On that same day we’ll also be making a big change to an existing feature in the game.
More details on this on Friday January 8, when we’ll announce it to give you time to prepare. We’re excited about this change, and we think you will be too.
A little hint: save your Premium Rewards packs!

Star Trek Timelines turns 5 on January 14, you can expect a message from us on that day.

That’s not all, there will be a Dabo Sale on January 19. This will be a different kind of sale, and Dabo ads will be disabled for the duration. More details soon.

Last but not least, on January 20 we’ll add a new collection to the game, the long awaited: Klingon Collection!

Thank you for playing,

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