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Why are some of the buy buttons blank sometimes (Windows version)

I've seen this bug for a long time. The yellow buttons where the prices of an offer are supposed to be are blank.


  • Mine are like that on my bluestacks android emulator. My windows and Steam versions are fine though.
  • It could be due to lag?
    Doesn't it usually resolves itself very quickly?

    I experienced it this morning with a pop up offer but toggling between the two made the price appear on both.
  • On my bluestacks it's been like that for awhile now. And no the blank purchase buttons never resolve themselves. Even through a restart. It doesn't bother me I just wanted to make you aware of it. I purchase through Steam.
  • SlickSlick ✭✭✭
    I see this happen often on my Kindle HD8. It usually resolves itself by switching between screens. My Samsung tablet has never had this occur. I just chalk it up to a lag in memory.
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