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v8.0.0 new release on Facebook and Steam

Greetings, Captains!

Today we’ve released a new version of our latest client, v8.0.0, on Facebook and Steam (new download required).

With this new version we’re bringing back the expanded Crew Details pop up in the Cryostasis Vault, this time with also an option to unfreeze crew.

We are also taking this opportunity to add some details about v8.0.0 that were missing from our previous communique:

- Inventory and Replicator Changes
At long last all items are now displaying their names!

- Age Gate
To comply with various laws and regulations we’ve introduced an Age Gate to the game.
This only requires you to input your age in numbers, and will only need to be done once (except in case of reinstallation or playing on a new device/platform).

Thank you for playing,



  • Clarification: in the Vault selecting a crew will show their stats with bonuses. Tapping on the crew image will open the full details.
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