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Arena reward rotation

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In arena could you put all 3 star , 4 star and 5 star ships on a continuous loop in their respective divisions so all portal ship schematics come up at least once every couple of years ? This would mean every one gets a chance at schematics they need instead of the present systems which is weighted in favour of newer players and totally ignores those just needing the newer schematics .

*I've just edited this to change 2 star to 3 star as that's what is awarded in the arena*


  • Good suggestion, I just end up using those schematics to replicate items
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    They added more ships than usual in 2020. There's a couple that I'm itching to get maxed. I sure hope they do something to shake up those rewards and give us a better chance to get those schematics.
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    How about adding more ships schematics to the dabo wheel??? (ie not just the same 3 or 4 you see there every day...)
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