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[SSR] The New Obsidian Order [TOO], Recruiting: 1 place available- All targets hit every day



SSR The New Obsidian Order [TOO], part of the SSR family and currently a top 30 fleet are recruiting. We have one open slot for a new recruit.

With the new game feature requiring maximum fleet participation, joining a fleet that hits all of their daily goals is going to become more important. Are you in a small fleet? Does your fleet fail to meet their daily goals? Our starbase is maxed out and has been for years. [TOO] could be the perfect move for you.

We do prefer players over level 50, but exceptions can be made for lower level, but active teammates.

We have a discord server where you can mingle with all five of our fleets. And an exclusive room for our fleet.

In addition to the discord tools, we also have several event winners amongst our fleets and plenty of experienced and helpful players to welcome and support you.

We aim for a drama free environment with high levels of fun without pressure.

General requirements:
- play the game
- join our discord
- have fun!

Feel free to contact me in the comments, by DM, or you can add my Discord: SSR Bri#9924


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