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8.0.0 now available on Google Play + Adira Tal Temporary Achievements

Greetings, Captains,


Our latest client v8.0.0 is now available on Google Play, make sure to download this new version as soon as it becomes available to you.

Our iOS will soon be available as well.

Please note that a forced upgrade will occur on Monday February 8, at which point v8.0.0 will be required to continue to play the game.

Adira Tal Temporary achievements

Starting tomorrow Wednesday, February 3 at daily reset (5am UTC - 12am ET), the temporary achievements will be made available.

Complete all three temporary achievements to obtain 3x 1/5 Adira Tal.
Make sure to complete the achievements and claim your reward before Wednesday, February 10 at daily reset (5am UTC - 12am ET).

The temporary achievements are:

- 99 Level Up Crew (this can be achieved by leveling various crew to various levels)
- start 50 Shuttle Missions
- complete 7 Voyages Dilemmas

Thank you for playing,

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