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Crew Retrieval Roll Out Phases

Greetings, Captains,

As explained previously Crew Retrieval involves many existing game mechanics and as result various elements will have to be rolled out in phases. The release of Crew Retrieval itself will require a forced upgrade to ensure every player is on v8.0.0.

Here’s an overview of what each phase will entail, we’ll announce in due time when each phase will begin, the current goal is for this to start rolling out next week.

Phase 1 will coincide with the daily reset of that day (5am UTC - 12:00am ET) and will include the following changes:

- The main interface will see the addition of an ISM count, near Chronitons and Dilithium.
- ISM will be an additional reward for the Daily Login Reward Daily Mission.
- A brand new Fleet Daily Target will go live. It will reward different amounts of ISM to fleet members, depending on how many of them complete all their Daily Missions.

Phase 2 will coincide with the daily reset of that day (5am UTC - 12:00am ET) and will include the following changes:

- The daily scanning mission goal will be modified to require one scan instead three.
- Scanning will now cost ISM. The first scan each day will be free, The cost will then increase with each additional scan, and will reset with the daily reset.
- Scanning will now have the chance to drop a Constellation. After that, the percentage chance of success will be shown. This percentage does not reset until you receive a Constellation.
Important: the first scan after this update will guarantee a Constellation!

- The inventory screen will now have three sections: Items, Polestars, and Constellations.
- Within the Constellations inventory, the player will be able to open (for ISM) the Constellations they own to receive Polestars.

Phase 3 and beyond!

Finally, with Phase 3, and after a forced upgrade:

- On daily reset there will be Crew Retrieval-related Temporary Achievements that will go live and allow you to unlock Crew Retrieval goodies.
- Later in the day Crew Retrieval will go live, allowing players to retrieve crew using their Polestars! It will be accessible via the Manifest menu on the main interface.
- We’ll also have a free Welcome Pack for all players, to celebrate the full release of the feature!

After Crew Retrieval is live, you will hear about more exciting things coming soon, including changes to Event Ranked Rewards, and Campaign Rewards! Stay tuned for more details on those in the future.

When does this all happen?!

These exciting changes are right around the corner, but exact dates can’t be communicated just yet. However, the force upgrade and the phases of our rollout will all be communicated when they are each individually happening. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on our forums/in-game mail to learn the exact time and day for all this excitement!

Thank you for playing,

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