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Introduction to our upcoming new feature: Crew Retrieval!

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Greetings, Captains,

It’s with great pleasure that we can finally unveil our next feature: Crew Retrieval!

With this new addition to the game our goal is to address a consistent request made over the years: the ability to have more agency in which crew to obtain.

How will Crew Retrieval work?

In Crew Retrieval (unlocked at Captain Level 16), for a cost of Credits and a new currency called Quantum, you’ll be able to retrieve a crew from a specific pool of your choosing.

You’ll be able to refine said pool by selecting specific variables such as traits, skills, and rarity.

These variables will be represented by a new item: a Polestar.

Narrowing the pool of retrievable crew will require the selection of up to four Polestars from your inventory. This will require thoughtful consideration as the costs of the retrieval will depend on the size and contents of the resulting pool.

Please note that not all crew will be available via Crew Retrieval: limited crew, Voyage and Gauntlet exclusive crew are excluded.

Polestars, where to get them?

Each trait, skill and rarity will be represented by a specific Polestar.
A Polestar can be discovered by opening a Constellation, and will be added to your inventory.

What are Constellations and how will you obtain them?

Each crew in the game will have its own Constellation containing trait Polestars relevant to that crew.

Skill and Rarity Polestars will be discoverable in other Constellations.

Opening a Constellation will cost ISM (Interstellar Medium, a new currency), and will grant one Polestar among a specific list.

Constellations can be opened immediately or be left in inventory.

Crew Constellations will be discoverable via Scanning.
Skill and Rarity Constellations will primarily be obtained via future event ranked rewards.

Scanning updated

Scanning, being an integral part of the Crew Retrieval feature, has undergone some changes:

- the Scanning Daily Mission goal will require one scan instead of three
- each scan will still grant a salvage item, as before, but will also increase your chance to discover a Constellation
- once a Constellation is discovered the chance percentage gets reset
- you will get one free scan per game day
- additional scans will cost ISM
- ISM cost increases with each additional scan but resets with a new game day (at 5:00 UTC)

Important note: to allow everyone to enjoy a Constellation as soon as possible, we’ll make it so that the first scan after this scanning update is live is guaranteed to yield a Constellation!

New currencies: ISM and Quantum

ISM, also known as Interstellar Medium, is the currency needed to scan for salvage, and a chance to discover a Constellation, as well as to open Constellations to find Polestars.

ISM will be initially obtainable in the Daily Login Reward Daily Mission and by participating in a brand new Fleet Activity (see below). At a later date it will also become available via Campaign Rewards and Event Rank Rewards.

Quantum, along with Credits, is the necessary currency to make use of the Crew Retrieval feature. Quantum recharges over time and will also be purchasable with Dilithium.


To support Crew Retrieval the Inventory will see some additional changes as well:

- The Inventory will consist of three separate sections: Items, Polestars, and Constellations.
- Only the Items section of the Inventory is subject to the 1000 unique items cap.

New Fleet Daily Target

Being in a fleet will allow fleet members to gain ISM through a new Fleet Daily Target!

This new daily target will require fleet members to complete their regular daily missions and will consist of three thresholds granting ISM.

The thresholds will be as follows:
- 20 fleet members having completed their daily activities - reward 400 ISM
- 30 fleet members having completed their daily activities - reward 300 ISM
- 40 fleet members having completed their daily activities - reward 200 ISM

That means 900 ISM claimable daily if all three thresholds are reached.

We know that you’ll have questions so do not hesitate to ask them on our forums where you’ll find a discussion dedicated to Crew Retrieval. https://forum.disruptorbeam.com/stt/discussion/17548/crew-retrieval-introduction-discussion

We are excited for you to discover this new feature, and hope you are too!

Thank you for playing,

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