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holodeck mini games

ExanimusExanimus ✭✭✭✭
I mentioned it somewhere else and figured I might as well put it in the right place as well for people to comment on it in the right spot. Have fun. It's general and an outline. If you want to add feel free.

Basically, a set of mini games influenced and or accessed by traits. Rations are one a day per card. Maybe small payouts in xp or components/equipment. If FE something small like 10 honour/merits or something else.

Example. Target practice, locked to marksman. Based on either rarity or a specific range of levels a card can practice. For instance, a 1* might access 1-5, a green level 6-15, or maybe Guinan can play anything up to level 42 with different characters having a specific cap. Taking inspiration from the Worf/Guinan, basically coloured blobs or colour changing globs move around and change speed and time based on level. You have to tap then when they are your colour. Timed. Perhaps different cards or skill levels in Sec can mod it.

Others follow similar pattern. Something fighter/shuttle like for pilot. Start with one, roll out another at a reasonable pace. No point rushing it. I'm sure the devs would enjoy coming up with something like their own version of Timelines poker or tongo, maybe rock paper scissors lizard Spock for gambler. Something like a fight for dualist. Make something and call it Timelines velocity for athletes.

Maybe fleet admirals can choose to challenge other fleets to friendly contests and fleet best scores can be compared and the winning fleet earns something (no idea what).

The game could randomly choose a one for a tournament on some schedule.

Who knows, maybe they can design some sort of puzzle solve for investigators.

The idea is mini. Something individual players or fleets can challenge eachother to. Or something to make leveling certain characters more fun. Perhaps the games themselves might be a good or only source for a specific equipment for them. Like hitting a certain point in target practice unlocks something. Something to motivate acquiring cards beyond that single goal.


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