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Debris Fields (Galaxy Map Update)

This was just an idea that I had for utilizing and expanding more of the game. Firstly I think loads of people in the game are excited for seeing another chapter added to the Galaxy Map. Something that is new and can expand on that much needed experience to level up. So here goes my Idea about adding new content to the Galaxy Map. It would be called Debris Fields... cause that is what it will be and that is where good rewards will often be found...
1) On entering the galaxy map random spots will be noted every (fair time interval), these spots will be Travel Too spots where a static "same look to each debris field" will be.
2) When your ship arrives to the debris field you will be given the option to scan.
2a) Upon scanning it will pick a random teir 1 resource reward, as well as determine if anyone else is currently scanning.
2b) If by chance someone else is scanning at the same time, a space battle will begin for both people scanning. (this will be live p2p) the winner of the space battle will get a teir 2 reward where as the loser will still get a teir 1 reward.
3) If there is nobody else scanning at the time, you will be rewarded with a random teir 1 reward.
4) There will only be a certain number of debris fields opened per day per Captain with the option to refresh with dilithium a certain amount of times that could be related to vip level and or starbase level of fleet.
(Note : Rewards are random so you could easily get a disappointing reward if you lose a space battle or there is no space battle at the time)
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