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Enjoyed Best With Your Sound On

Okay another idea for expansion of the game is to add more sound bytes to the game. The sound of the ship in space is cool for a little while but becomes annoying when that is really all that you are hearing... A plan to expand triggered quotes for would really make that "Enjoyed Best With Your Sound On" quote at the opening of the game hold even more true... My thoughts to sound bytes is that 5 star crew should have 5 random quotes and each crew would have as many quotes as they have stars. Example A 5 star 7 of nine with one star would only have one quote where as the same 7 of nine with 5 stars would have 5 quotes. It would take quite a bit of sampling to make this possible and if you would need help in doing it I would be more than happy to volunteer for the job...


  • It's a good idea. The one drawback, IMO, would be that a lot of us keep the sound off, regardless of what quotes are used. If WRG truly wants us to "Enjoyed Best With Your Sound On" they absolutely need to redue/reconsider their sound settings. For example, having individual volume sliders for sound effects, dialogue, and music (like what most games have).
  • WizzdomeWizzdome ✭✭✭
    yeah, I can agree with that would be nice just to turn down the sound of the ships engines lol
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