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Discovery Mega Proposal: The 32nd Century

Please don't make this a thread bashing Discovery.
I'd love it if we had a Disco Mega in the next couple months that was completely devoid of Michael Burnham. This is not a slight against the character or the actress at all, I love them both. She wouldn't be missing, just no new Burnham crew cards for the entire month. My issue is the great Discovery cast members that we have very few crew cards for. So here's my proposal:
Recurring Legendary: Fleet Admiral Charles Vance
First Event: Rebuilding Starfleet
- Hybrid Faction/Galaxy
- Factions are Federation/Bajoran/Romulan
- Legendary Kovich from the previous event, Legendary Ossyra for the next
- New 2 star Detmer. New 3 star Tilly. New 4 star Bryce
Second Event: The Emerald Chain
- Skirmish- add the Veridien as the 5* ship
- New 2 star Bryce. New 3 star Owosekun. New 4 star Rhys
- Legendary Sukal for next event
Third Event: Verubin Nebula
- Galaxy: Factions are Federation/Terrans/Romulans
- New 2 star Owosekun. New 3 star Human Saru. New 4 star Xahean Adira
- Legendary Carl (the Guardian of Forever) for next event
Fourth Event: Cooling The Burn
- Faction event: Federation/Romulans/Klingons
- New 2 star Bryce. New 3 star Rhys. New 4 star Counselor Culber
- All Discovery Crew usable.
So that's my thoughts. Feel free to comment both good and bad. I left our the returning 4* crew for each event. What do you think?


  • Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hmm...that’s a lot of new 2*/3* crew, when we’re usually luck to get one of either rarity in a mega event (see also: Punk Rocker). That being said, I am 1000% on board with the idea of getting more of the unsung heroes of the show - through three seasons, Discovery is doing a worse job of featuring them than even Enterprise did with Hoshi/Travis.

    My crew suggestions might be a touch different, purely out of personal preference:

    Mirror Culber
    Prison Break Ryn
    Chief Scientist Aurellio
    Admiral Vance (recurring)

    New 4*
    Lt. Rhys
    Lt. Bryce
    Mirror Lt. Nilsson
    Saboteur Owo

    Existing 4*
    Tuskegee Mayweather
    EV Suit Chekov
    Rogue Harry Kim

    Terrified Su’kal
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