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Announcing Phase 2 of our Crew Retrieval feature rollout!

Greetings, Captains,

We’re happy to announce that phase 2 of the rollout of our new Crew Retrieval feature will be happening tonight with the daily reset! At approximately 12:00am ET (5:00 UTC), the following changes will go live:

Scanning update, which includes:

- the Scanning Daily Mission goal will now require one scan instead of three
- each scan will still grant a salvage item, as before, but will also increase your chance to discover a Constellation
- once a Constellation is discovered the chance percentage gets reset
- you will get one free scan per game day
- additional scans will cost ISM
- ISM cost increases with each additional scan but resets with a new game day (at 5:00 UTC)

Important note: to allow everyone to enjoy a Constellation as soon as possible, we’ve made it so that the first scan after this scanning update is live is guaranteed to yield a Constellation!

Inventory update, which includes:

- the inventory screen will now have three sections; one each for Items, Constellations, and Polestars.
- within the Constellations inventory, you will be able to open the Constellations you own (with ISM) to receive Polestars.

Please note that: only the Items section of the Inventory is subject to the 1000 unique items cap.

Crew Retrieval Temporary Achievements!

How about some temporary achievements to get some Constellations, ISM, and Credits?

Start date: Wednesday February 10, at daily reset (5:00 UTC - 12am ET)
End Date: Thursday, February 25, at daily reset (5:00 UTC - 12am ET)

These achievements will have to be completed, and rewards claimed, before the daily reset on Thursday, February 25 (5:00 UTC - 12am ET)

Temporary Achievements Details:

Complete Scans
- Milestones: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 scans performed
- Reward per milestone achieved: 500,000 Credits for a total of 5,500,000 Credits if all 11 milestones are reached.

Immortalize your Crew Members
- Milestones: 2 - immortalize one crew for each milestone
- Rewards:
Milestone 1: 1x rarity Constellation
Milestone 2 : 1x skill Constellation

Retrieve Crew (use the Crew Retrieval feature)
- Milestones: 3 - retrieve one crew for each milestone
- Rewards:
Milestone 1: 1,000 ISM
Milestone 2: 1x skill Constellation
Milestone 3: 1x skill Constellation

Stay tuned for an announcement about the timing of Phase 3, the full release of our Crew Retrieval feature! We can’t wait for you to experience it first hand.

Thank you for your continued support!

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