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Crew Retrieval is Live!

ShanShan admin
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Greetings, Captains,

We’re happy to announce that our new Crew Retrieval feature is now fully live!
Make sure to restart your game to see the changes.

Crew Retrieval is now available for all players level 16+, and can be accessed within the Manifest menu on the main interface. This new feature allows you to retrieve crew using Polestars!

Accessing Crew Retrieval for the first time will initiate the Crew Retrieval Tutorial.
This tutorial, that cannot be skipped, will walk you through the various steps related to this new feature. At the end of the tutorial all players will get to retrieve Data Q.

Crew Retrieval Welcome Gift!
To celebrate the full release of our new feature we will have a free Welcome Gift available to all players level 10+, it contains Credits, ISM, a Polestar and a Constellation. This gift will be available in the Time Portal around noon ET (17:00 UTC).

We will also have a daily Welcome Pack, starting today around noon ET (17:00 UTC). This pack will appear and be claimable daily, until Thursday, February 25.

Don’t forget the Crew Retrieval-related Temporary Achievements to unlock even more goodies.

Now that Crew Retrieval is live, you will hear about more exciting things coming soon, including changes to Event Ranked Rewards, and Campaign Rewards. Stay tuned for more details on those in the future.

Thank you for your continued support!

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