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Daily Retrieval Pack Issue Update 2021-02-12

Greetings, Captains,

We’ve taken the time to assess the extent of the issue that happened yesterday, as well as reviewing feedback regarding the disciplinary actions that were taken as a result.

All things considered we’ve determined that a 72 hours ban was excessive and we are in the process of lifting it.

The pack pulls yesterday put some concerning strain on some of our newer features, tools, and processes. As a result many players who were banned would have come back to find their accounts in states that seemed broken, especially in relation to the Crew Retrieval system. To that end we have taken the last day to stabilize these accounts and allow them to go forward with crew retrieval in a manner as close to what was intended as possible. Though this does mean treating it as though Crew Retrieval and the associated features turned on today.

To do that these accounts have had their Crew Retrieval currencies (Polestars, Constellations, and ISM) set back to 0, and their Quantum returned to full. A special pack full of the contents that should have been available to you will be provided, impacted accounts will have in-game mail with details. Basically, they are getting reset on Crew Retrieval without having to redo the tutorial. The banned players all get a fresh start at the feature but also get the resources to get back to speed and going again.

Regarding the gifts provided with the Daily Retrieve/Retrieval Gift pack, they are meant to provide you with enough resources to explore and experiment with Crew Retrieval, however this is being limited by the amount of Quantum at your disposal.
This is not the experience we wanted you to have, and to make this better, we will provide 1,000 Quantum via in-game mail later today.

Lastly, many of you have expressed concerns and dissatisfaction about recent issues. We hear your concerns and remain committed to eliminate/minimize the occurrence of issues and improve our processes/technology.

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