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Crew Retrieval Tutorial and Retrieval Gift Update

Greetings, Captains,

Thank you for playing the new Crew Retrieval tutorial. We appreciate all the feedback you’ve provided about this, and would like to provide a few additional items to help you keep going.

Many players were excited to receive the Android and Crafty Polestars, and we hope you enjoy the Data Q you retrieved. However, we recognize some of you had other ideas in mind for those Polestars, so we would like to provide you an additional set to use as you please.

Similarly, due to the need to change to the Daily Retrieval pack, players now have more ISM and Constellations than Q has provided Quantum to use. In order to keep that in balance and allow you to continue to retrieve crew, we are providing additional Quantum (it will exceed the listed Quantum maximum)

In all we are sending you:

- 1,000 Quantum
- 1,000 ISM
- 1x Android Polestar
- 1x Crafty Polestar
- 6x Skill Polestars (CMD, DIP, SEC, ENG, SCI and MED)

We hope this will allow you to have a better first experience with Crew Retrieval and become familiarized with it.

As always, your feedback is welcome.

Thank you for playing,

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